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Our services are tailored to your specific needs, thus reducing unnecessary costs and at the same time giving you the confidence and protection of a CASp inspection. We are also ICC Certified Building Inspectors with over twelve years in commercial building inspection for a major California municipality, giving us insight as to the standards for disability-related requirements. Thus, you can have the assurance that your property and business have been inspected by a highly qualified and certified CASp inspector. Some of our past inspections have included numerous public libraries, community centers, fire stations and the Mineta San Jose, Ca. International Airport. Our services include the following:

Site and Parking Lot
Proper number of spaces
Proper slope

Path of Travel
Curb ramps
Access to building
Architectural barriers

Hallways and corridors
Doors and openings
Floor coverings
Desk and counter tops
Restrooms and break rooms
Work stations

Other Services
Plan review for remodel or new construction
Court witness
Re-inspection of improvements

Our Pricing Schedule
We are pleased to provide an estimated cost for our inspection services!

Upon completion of your inspection, you will receive a complete report and a displayable certificate to show that a CASp Inspection has been performed at your place of business. The report will indicate whether full compliance has been achieved or if progressive improvements will be on-going. You do not need full compliance to receive “special legal rights” as long as you maintain the report in your files.

Tax credits and deductions may be available to cover consulting fees and alteration costs on an annual basis when you follow a transition plan to remove architectural barriers. Consult your accountant about Section 44 and 190 of IRS code.

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